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 After working more than twenty-five years as a financial consultant, my personal opinion is that the majority of middle class Americans need a simple, proven method rather than a complicated financial plan. With this in mind, I created The Dividends Pay My Bills Method. By following this method, my wife and I have accomplished two important goals: 1.) We paid off our thirty year home mortgage, two cars and all credit card debt in about six years. 2.) We invested in a diversified portfolio of over thirty five income producing investments and use the income they produce to pay all of our utility bills.


I think it's fair to say that those proven results may qualify me to be your financial coach. One of my  favorite sayings is "Forget Your 401k, I've found a better way... The Dividends Pay My Bills Method!".   I truly believe that the average person would rather have more spendable income and less stress as early in life as possible, instead of living in debt most of their life with the slim possibility of having a large nest egg decades down the road (Also bearing in mind that about 1/3 of all adults do NOT live past age 65). So, if you are someone who wants to pay a mortgage for 30 long years and invest your hard earned money for the same amount of time into a 401k plan (without enjoying a dime of income from it during that period), my method is not for you. If you like having to pay a penalty to access your own money, my method is not for you. But, if you are a hard working middle class American between the age of 20 and 50 who wants to pay off ALL debt as soon as possible, build a portfolio of income producing investments (use that income to pay your monthly utility bills), and also create retirement income, my method may be just what you've been looking for... The fact is that it has already helped many people across the USA, and in the future it will help many more!



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                                            4.) Monthly Savings Tip.



The Dividends Pay My Bills Method focuses on three important steps:


Step 1.) Learn how to become 100% debt-free in the quickest time possible. This is without debt consolidation or refinancing. This means paying off all credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages.


Step 2.) Learn how to build a diversified portfolio of income producing investments and use the income to pay your monthly utility bills.


Step 3.) Learn how to create multiple streams of retirement income.



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Comments from students of The Dividends Pay My Bills Method: 


M.F. (CFO) -  Well, I could either continue doing what I was doing and possibly be debt-free in my 60's or instead use your method and become debt-free in my 30's... Not to mention, have all of my utility bills paid by investment income. Seem's like a no-brainer to me! 


S.R. (Teacher) - I was contributing to a 403B Plan, but decided your method simply made more sense.            


L.N. (Yoga Instructor) - Not only has your method helped me, but it has also helped several of my students whom I recommended it to. Yoga helps people relieve stress, but becoming debt-free really helps one sleep at night!


M.K. (Executive Chef) - Like everyone else I knew, I was investing in my 401k and not paying down my debt. But not anymore. After reading Chuck's method, I am now on my way to becoming a debt-free dividend investor!  

C.D. (Attorney) - Makes a lot of sense to me... I need help in this area!


J.C. (Auto Salesman) - I am a commission based salesman, so my income fluctuates a lot. I found that having dividend income really helps me make ends meet when I have a bad month.


J.M. (Account Manager) - Investing in my 401k over the last ten years was not my smartest decision. Now, I use that money to prepay my mortgage... At least my net worth is going in the right direction again! Thanks for creating a method that taught me to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing!


M.G. (Landscape Tech.) - Investing in Income Producing Investments instead of my 401k allows me to enjoy dividend income while I'm still working and not have to wait twenty years until I retire to enjoy my money. I wish I would have known about this method a long time ago!


J.K.  (Construction Worker) - The Dividends Pay My Bills Method is so easy to understand and implement...Finally a simple strategy the average man can understand!



A personal message from the publisher…


“Speaking from the heart, I know that the method I've created works because I am living proof... First of all, I have paid off all of my debt (credit cards, auto loans, and home mortgage) in about six years... That's twenty-four years faster than the majority of people who have no debt elimination plan! In addition to becoming debt-free, I have invested in a portfolio of Income Producing Investments that have been paying all of my monthly bills, including (Cell Phone, Internet, Cable TV, Gas, Electric, Water, etc...) for many years."


Chuck Christopher  


Wouldn't YOU like to say... Not only am I debt-free, but Investment income pays all of my:


Electric Bills

Gas Bills

Water Bills

Phone, TV, Internet Bills


Please read the Forward to The Dividends Pay My Bills Method:



Traditionally, financial consultants are taught to have their clients invest as much as they can into retirement plans such as 401k’s and IRA’s for the so called benefits of pre-tax contributions and the tax-deferred treatment of reinvested dividends and capital gains. They suggest that you invest minimal (if anything at all) into non-retirement accounts. Traditional accounting practices advise their clients to keep their mortgages for as long as possible so that they can deduct the interest.   


In my former financial consulting practice, I can’t tell you how many times clients invested money into 401k’s and IRA’s for twenty or thirty years and didn’t live long enough to access or spend a dime of that money! In fact, the only ones who enjoyed that money were: their financial consultant (me), the brokerage I worked for, and the mutual funds that they were invested in… Because we were all earning management fees on those accounts. But, at the end of the day/client’s life, I guess their beneficiaries enjoyed that money the most. Regardless, the bottom line is that the client, the person who worked hard to earn that money, did not live long enough to enjoy a dime of it!


Fact: The Probability of still being alive at age 65 is about 70%. In other words, approximately 30 out of 100 people will not live to age 65. Also, based on that statistic, about one out of every three people who contributes thousands of their hard earned dollars into retirement plans and Social Security, will NEVER receive or enjoy a dime back in retirement distributions.

Based on that statistic alone, I have come to the conclusion that only investing money for the distant future seems foolish for the majority of people in most cases (Not to mention the penalties that one must pay in order to access their own money before age 59½ from most retirement plans).          


I thought to myself that there had to be a better way. I wanted to create a strategy in which people could live debt-free and enjoy investment income while they were still working and also in retirement… If they lived that long. I believe that the average person would rather have more income and less stress earlier in life, instead of living in debt most of their life, along with the slim possibility of having a large nest egg decades down the road... That's why I created The Dividends Pay My Bills Method!



Chuck Christopher



About Chuck Christopher…


Chuck Christopher is president of CKM Products, a financial education firm. He spent over twenty years as a financial consultant with several independent financial planning firms. Currently, he spends most of his time as a financial coach and author, educating people across the USA on The Dividends Pay My Bills Method. He lives with his wife and family in New Jersey. He also created the following websites: FindAFishingBuddy.com, HuntingBuddyFinder.com, FindAHikingBuddy.com and FindADiggingBuddy.com. He also enjoys fishing!



"Since dividends really do pay my bills, it allows me to do a lot of fishing!"

- Chuck





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